Click on the "Edit subscribers and dependents" link. The application will prompt you to search for your employee (subscriber).
All dependents are tied to a subscriber (employee). To find a dependent, search for the subscriber and the corresponding dependents will display.
No. Kaiser Permanente's system requires an overnight cycle to apply the input data. Depending upon what time you submit your changes, it is possible this process could take up to three business days.Please note that we have programmed the online services so that you can always view your edits and newly enrolled subscribers or dependents. So if you have submitted enrollment for a new employee, you will be able to see that information online, before it is has been captured in the Kaiser Permanente billing system.
Your Kaiser Permanente billing representative's name and phone number appear on the Web pages within the enrollment center.
Yes. When you submit an enrollment form you are able to retrieve and change the information via the "Edit subscribers and dependents" link. Search for the newly added employee using the employee's name or Social Security Number. The "Edit Subscribers & Dependents" page will display the submitted information, and you can then change it and resubmit it.
Yes. Demographic information for employees and their dependents terminated in the last two years will be displayed. You are not able to edit, add dependents, or order ID cards for any terminated members.
No. ID cards are ordered on an individual basis. If you are within 60 days of renewal and you are changing plans, ID cards may be held until your plan has been changed in our systems and then all members will receive a new ID card.
At this time Kaiser Permanente members are not able to make enrollment changes via Kaiser Permanente member site. But employees and dependents who sign up for Kaiser Permanente member site are able to order their own ID cards, access their health plan information, and, if they get care at a Kaiser Permanente medical center, access their online medical record.
For employers who have multiple business entities or groups, we assign an Employer ID that links all the groups together within our systems. If your employer or business entity has more than one Employer ID, you will first select the appropriate ID before groups are shown. Kaiser Permanente has separate groups for COBRA, retiree and Momentum (our employer wellness program) only.