Providing maximum choice

We believe that choosing a doctor is a very personal choice. Your employer health insurance options include our Access PPO plans, which enable your employees to choose health care from our extensive network of preferred providers, including the high-performing medical group at Kaiser Permanente medical facilities.

All the advantages

Our Access PPO plans include all of the features and services that are part of our award-winning HMO plans. And we include incentives, such as lower cost shares, to encourage your employees to engage with Kaiser Permanente physicians and receive nationally recognized care.

All the choice

Employees who prefer to see providers outside of our HMO network will be able to receive treatment from our extensive regional and national networks.

All the value

Access PPO offers the only PPO plans that include high-performing physicians at our Kaiser Permanente medical facilities. But no matter who their physician is, your employees will benefit from the many Kaiser Permanente tools and care management strategies that help drive better health.