Big health care solutions for small business needs

You want small group health plans that are simple and easy to use — for you and your workforce. With Kaiser Permanente, you get plan flexibility, help managing your health care dollars, and tools and resources that empower your employees to be healthier and more productive.

Choosing the right plan mix for your business and your employees

We offer a mix-and-match solution so you can build the right plan portfolio for your business needs. Here are some things to think about when selecting coverage.

1. Determine whether you’ll offer multiple plans

Groups with 1 to 5 employees can offer up to 3 plans. You can offer any combination of Core, Access PPO, or Elect PPO plans.

Groups with 6 to 50 employees can offer any number of plans. You can offer any combination of Core, Access PPO, or Elect PPO plans. Offering up to 3 plans may be ideal for groups of this size. 

For a plan to be available to new group members during the contract year, a group must have at least one employee enrolled in the plan at the time of a new group setup or at renewal. Federal regulations require that groups must have at least one common law employee enrolled to offer coverage. That means there must be at least one employee on the payroll who is not the owner or spouse of the owner.

2. Decide on your provider network(s)

Central to all our plans is care from Kaiser Permanente providers. Our doctors, specialists, nurses, and other health professionals all work as a team to support our members’ health. This coordinated, patient-centered care can help employees live healthier, happier, more productive lives — which all contribute to the growth and success of your business. 

We have a portfolio of 23 options to choose from. Core, Connect, and PPO plans cover all metal levels: Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

  • 9 value-driven Core Network plans

  • 2 affordability-driven Connect Network plans

  • 9 choice-driven Access PPO plans

  • 3 flexibility-driven Elect PPO plans

Offering plans across several networks might be a good choice if you have employees who travel frequently or satellite offices in different parts of the state.

3. Choose the Right Coverage Level

All our plans include the same benefits. The main differences are seen in the monthly premiums versus the member's cost shares.

Levels Bronze Silver Gold Platinum
Monthly premium $ $$ $$$ $$$$
Cost to members when they get care (Copays, deductible, coinsurance) $$$$ $$$ $$ $

4. Select your health plan(s)

Kaiser Permanente offers choices that allow you to build your plan(s) based on network, coverage level, and health needs. Whether you are looking for a high-deductible plan, coverage for employees only, in- and out-of-network benefits, or even an HSA, we’ve got you covered.

  • Core HMO plans are designed to offer high-quality plans with exceptional value.
  • Our Access PPO plans offer broader provider choice but at a higher cost.
  • The Elect PPO plans are offered in select counties and provide a nice compromise between Core HMO and Access PPO.

View all our 2021 plan options.

Note: Federal regulations require that in order to offer a small group medical coverage, the group must have at least one common law employee on payroll, and enrolled on the group plan. Sole proprietors and their spouses with no employees, and self-employed individuals and their spouses are not eligible to purchase or renew small group coverage.

Consider Dental Coverage

We work with Delta Dental of Washington to offer your employees dental coverage when paired with one of our medical plans. There are 2 optional plans to select from – Basic and Standard – that include coverage for your employees and their families.

Both plans fulfill the federal mandate to provide pediatric dental coverage for members up to age 19. If your employee does not choose one of them, the employee's medical plan will automatically be paired with a pediatric-only dental plan offered by Delta Dental.

Individual plan documents

Benefit Summaries and Summaries of Benefits and Coverage

Small group forms

Busy entrepreneurs want health plans that are simple and easy to use — for the entrepreneurs and their workforce. Kaiser Permanente offers tools and resources that empower employees to be healthier and more productive.

Virtual Plus 2022 Enrollment Guide (PDF)