Care Management Services

We help your employees self-manage conditions and avoid complications (including high-cost treatments) through patient outreach, care follow-ups, guidance, and a 24/7 nurse hotline.

Decision Aids

We help your employees make the right treatment choices through videos, booklets, and counseling to educate them on the pros and cons of treatment possibilities. Decision aids have resulted in greater patient satisfaction and a 25% reduction in certain surgeries.1

Wellness Services

We encourage healthy activity and preventive care through care reminders, a thorough health assessment, and health-enhancing services such as gym discounts and a tobacco cessation program. Our wellness services help improve overall employee health and productivity.

Medication Use Management

We’re committed to the rapid dissemination of new drugs and are strongly committed to generics — helping ensure the best medication at the lowest cost possible. We perform rigorous evidence reviews to protect our members from questionable drugs and offer online refill ordering and free mail delivery.

Online Features

Easy online access to care allows your employees to get their questions answered quickly, resulting in fewer appointments and less time off from work. Your employees can email their providers nonurgent questions, access critical information such as lab and test results, and schedule appointments online or through our mobile app.