Health care solutions designed with doctors

We've been integrating health care coverage with health care delivery for more than 7 decades. This unique synthesis helps us improve the health of your employee population. We provide insights into both your health coverage and your health care, and work with you to make adjustments and enhancements to both.

Fully Insured

Predictable costs, less risk

For large groups with 51+

You pay a predictable monthly premium (and get robust reporting and consulting if you have 150+ employees). We assume all financial risk by paying your employees’ claims and taking responsibility for surpluses and deficits.


Responsibility for costs and liability

For groups with 250+ enrolled employees

You don’t pay a monthly premium (except for stop-loss), aren’t subject to certain taxes and state mandates, and retain savings from lower-than-expected claims. We administer your program for a PMPM fee, coordinate with the stop-loss carrier, and provide comprehensive reporting.

Rate Stabilization Reserve (RSR)

Costs linked to actual expenses

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