Your one-stop resource for occupational health care needs

All of your employees – even those who aren’t Kaiser Permanente members – can get treatment for work-related injuries and illnesses through our occupational health services. Our goal? To return your employees to work safely and quickly. What’s more, our employment exams, medical screenings, and drug and alcohol testing will help your employees meet the requirements of their jobs. For more information, call our dedicated Occupational Health line at 1-866-967-9675, option 1.

Get your employees back on the job

Accidents – and injuries – happen. Some are minor, some more severe. Kaiser Permanente's team of occupational health experts helps injured workers return to their jobs as quickly and as safely as possible. Because Washington state allows workers injured on the job to choose any provider, employees do not have to be Kaiser Permanente members to receive treatment at one of our occupational health locations. Workers can receive all of their work-related injury care, physical therapy, X-ray, lab, and pharmacy under one roof.

Kaiser Permanente Occupational Health Locations

High-quality care

Kaiser Permanente is one of 6 Washington State Department of Labor & Industries' designated Centers of Occupational Health and Education. We specialize in injury care provided by board-certified occupational medicine doctors and specially trained providers – all part of the Washington State Department of Labor and Industries' Medical Provider Network. What's more, our case managers excel at keeping you informed of your employees' progress.

Employment exams, screenings, drug testing, and more

Kaiser Permanente also offers employment-related services. We're available to provide pre-placement and post-offer physical exams, commercial driver physicals, firefighter and law enforcement exams, respiratory clearance, drug and alcohol screens, immunizations, and hazardous materials exposure exams.