Health coverage with value and choice

Employers looking for a low-cost PPO can turn to our 3-tier Summit PPO plans. These plans provide access to high-value providers while maintaining provider choice.

High-quality care. Best value. More choice.

Value and choice are highlights of our 3-tier Summit PPO plans. Your employees get the best value when they choose high-quality care from Kaiser Permanente doctors and preferred contracted providers. And when choice is most important, they have access to more than 1 million in-network health professionals anywhere in the United States.

How the tiers work

  • Tier 1 offers in-network care from Kaiser Permanente doctors and pharmacies, as well as preferred contracted providers and hospitals. It’s the highest-value, lowest-cost choice.
  • Tier 2 includes in-network care from other providers, including First Choice Health providers and First Health providers.
  • Tier 3 includes care from out-of-network, licensed providers at higher costs.