COVID-19 vaccine eligibility expands to include Phase 1, Tier B1

Jan. 19, 2021

On January 18, the Washington State Department of Health announced the expansion of COVID-19 vaccine eligibility to include Phase 1, Tier B1. Individuals in Phase 1, Tiers A1 and A2 have been eligible for the vaccine since late December.

Phase 1, Tier B1 includes individuals who are:

  • 65 and older
  • 50 and older who live in a multigenerational home (this is defined as a home where individuals from 2 or more generations live, such as an elder and a grandchild. It does not include a parent or guardian caring for a child or teen)

Phase 1, Tiers A1 and A2 include:

  • Workers in health care settings
  • First responders
  • Workers and residents in long-term care facilities

How can members find out if they’re eligible?

Kaiser Permanente members who believe they meet the criteria for one of these groups may go to and complete an e-visit. If the e-visit determines that they are eligible for the vaccine, they will be directed to a website where they can make an appointment to receive the first vaccine dose. They can also make an appointment to get their second dose (2 doses are needed), which is given a few weeks later. Members must have an appointment to get a vaccination.

COVID-19 vaccinations are being given at select Kaiser Permanente sites and members need to return to the same site for the second dose of the vaccine.

Because the vaccines are still in very short supply, Kaiser Permanente is following the guidelines for distribution from federal and state health departments, and it could take several weeks to schedule an appointment for the vaccine if you are eligible.

We appreciate your patience as we navigate this process together and anticipate it could take up to 2 months for everyone in the state who is currently eligible to be vaccinated.

Future expansion of vaccine eligibility

We will provide updates as vaccine becomes available for more groups. People in Tiers B2-4 will be eligible to receive the vaccine when half of those currently eligible have been vaccinated. You can find details on who is in these additional tiers by visiting the Washington State Department of Health (WSDOH) website’s phase finder at The timing on when the vaccine is available to additional tiers will depend on available vaccine quantities and guidance from the WSDOH.

Preparing to get the vaccination

Kaiser Permanente has developed a flyer that details what members can expect when they get their COVID-19 vaccine.

Staying safe, before and after getting the vaccine

We’re encouraging members to continue taking precautions as they wait to get their vaccine and after they receive it. This includes:

  • Taking steps to protect themselves. Steps include wearing a face covering, washing their hands frequently, avoiding gatherings with anyone outside their household, and practicing social distancing.
  • Staying informed. Visit or call our 24/7 recorded message hotline at 1-877-808-9233 for COVID-19 updates.
  • Getting a flu shot. Flu shots are more important than ever. Visit to find a Kaiser Permanente, retail, or pharmacy location near you.

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