More than 100 ‘Top Docs’ recognized in Washington state

Oct. 09, 2023

More than 100 ‘Top Docs’ recognized in Washington state

SEATTLE — Kaiser Permanente in Washington congratulates its more than 100 clinicians who were recognized in this year’s regional “Top Doctors” lists. The annual “Top Doc” lists are featured in Seattle Magazine and Seattle Met magazine and highlight clinicians from specialties such as oncology, pediatrics, family medicine, cardiology, emergency care, and infectious disease.

In each publication, those awarded top doctor status have been recognized through a peer-nomination or publication process for the passion, expertise, and commitment they bring to the care they provide. Working alongside each recognized Kaiser Permanente physician is a dedicated team of nurses, medical assistants, pharmacists, technicians, and specialists — all digitally connected to support patient care.

“It’s an honor to work among so many talented Kaiser Permanente Washington clinicians, and it is especially rewarding to see our providers recognized across so many specialties and locations,” said Linda Tolbert, MD, executive medical director of the Washington Permanente Medical Group. “We congratulate our Kaiser Permanente ‘Top Docs,’ and thank all of our practitioners for delivering the highest quality, patient-centered care.”

Kaiser Permanente clinicians receiving “Top Docs” recognition in Washington state magazines:

Ballard Medical Center

Edelveis Clapp, Pediatrics, Seattle Magazine

Jennifer Meyer, Pediatrics, Seattle Met

Bellevue Medical Center

Gaurav Aggarwal, Gastroenterology, Seattle Magazine

Rosemary Agostini, Sports Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Aaron Apodaca, Internal Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Holly Bays, Family Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Danica Bloomquist, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Seattle Magazine

Hannah Burdge, Family Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Eric M. Chen, Hematology/Oncology, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Met

Andy Chien, Dermatology, Seattle Magazine

Fredric Chi, Orthopaedic Surgery, Seattle Magazine

Grazia Cinciripini, Pediatric Ophthalmology, Seattle Magazine

Matthew Fei, Critical Care Medicine, Seattle Met

Katsuri Ghia, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Seattle Magazine

Wendy Haas, Pediatrics, Seattle Magazine

Scott Haugen, Cardiology, Seattle Magazine

Justin Heistand, Pediatrics, Seattle Magazine

Nyle Hendrickson, Colon & Rectal Surgery, Seattle Magazine

Ming Hong, Neurology, Seattle Met

Kier Huehnergarth, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Seattle Met

Anjeli K. Isaac, Dermatology, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Met

Jason Kettler, Infectious Disease, Seattle Magazine

Jian Ma, Urology, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Met

Amir Modarresi, Hematology/Oncology, Seattle Met

Pallavi Patel, Gastroenterology, Seattle Magazine

Shireesh Saurabh, Bariatric Surgery, Seattle Met

Wendy Siu, Urology, Seattle Magazine

Brian Winters, Urology, Seattle Met

Ryan Yuan, Cardiovascular, Seattle Magazine

Burien Medical Center

Emily Chao, Pediatrics, Seattle Magazine

Capitol Hill Medical Center

Sean Adelman, Orthopaedic Surgery, Seattle Magazine

Hugh Allen, Pain Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Richard Ancheta, Medical Oncology, Seattle Magazine

Haley Anderson, Neurology, Seattle Magazine

Gloria Arand, Pediatrics, Seattle Met

William K. Butler, Allergy and Immunology, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Met

Michelle Valerie Carle, Ophthalmology, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Met

Alvin Cabrera, Radiation Oncology, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Met

Christopher Canning, Radiation Oncology, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Met

Kristin Conn, Family Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Sari Davison, Internal Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Timothy Dewhurst, Interventional Cardiology, Seattle Magazine

Stacey Donion, Orthopaedic Surgery, Seattle Magazine

Andrew Feld, Gastroenterology, Seattle Magazine

Philip Feliciano, Vascular Surgery, Seattle Magazine

Colin Fields, Transgender Health, Seattle Met

Tracey Flum, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Seattle Magazine

Vishal Gala, Neurological Surgery, Seattle Magazine

Amy Harper, Surgery, Seattle Magazine

Scott Isenhath, Dermatology/Skin Cancer, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Met

Gary Kegel, Hand Surgery, Seattle Magazine

Grace Kim, Otolaryngology, Seattle Magazine

Marc Lowe, Urology, Seattle Magazine

Karin Madwed, Family Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Michael Maxin, Diagnostic Radiology, Seattle Magazine

Sonya Mehta, Anesthesiology, Seattle Met

Christine Nguyen, Family Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Kristin Nierenberg, Family Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Emily Omura, Endocrinology/Diabetes/Metabolism, Seattle Magazine

Anneet Patel Cardiovascular, Seattle Magazine

Shaji Philip, Endocrinology/Diabetes/Metabolism, Seattle Met

Vimal Rabdiya, Cardiovascular Disease, Seattle Magazine

Timothy Scearce, Neurology, Seattle Magazine

Eric Schoen, Rheumatology, Seattle Magazine

Tracy Sherertz, Radiation Oncology, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Met

Noah Silver, Family Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Gregory Simon, Psychiatry, Seattle Magazine

Andrew Sinfuego, Pediatrics, Seattle Magazine

Jeffrey Sullivan, Pulmonary Disease, Seattle Magazine

Sophia Swanson, Gastroenterology, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Met

Robert Thompson, Infectious Disease, Seattle Met

Paul Thottingal, Infectious Disease, Seattle Met

Bradford Volk, Family Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Avantika Waring, Endocrinology/Diabetes/Metabolism, Seattle Met

Lisa Williams, Dermatology, Seattle Met

Michael Wu, Ophthalmology, Seattle Magazine

Rachel Wyman, Cardiovascular, Seattle Magazine

Ronald Yeh, Gastroenterology, Seattle Met

Ilan Zawadzki, Nephrology, Seattle Met

Jerome Zink, Urology, Seattle Magazine

Everett Medical Center

Jessie Fudge, Sports Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Lindsey Pepper, Pediatrics, Seattle Magazine

Federal Way Medical Center

Catherine Delostrinos, Pediatrics, Seattle Magazine

Lilia Fannin, Opthalmology, Seattle Magazine

Deepta Rawat, Ophthalmology, Seattle Magazine

Edward Tay, Neurology, Seattle Magazine

Factoria Medical Center

Gina Sucato, Adolescent Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Haritha Vankireddy, Family Medicine, Seattle Met

Gig Harbor Medical Center

Byron Doepker, Family Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Lynnwood Medical Center

Ravi Ubriani, Dermatology, Seattle Magazine, Seattle Met

 Northgate Medical Center

Ryan Caldeiro, Addiction Medicine, Seattle Met

Megan Feetham, Family Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Stacy Globerman, Family Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Tashi Gyaltsong, Pediatrics, Seattle Magazine

Gelea Ice, Optometry, Seattle Met

Scott Itano, Family Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Patricia Lewis, Family Medicine, Seattle Met

Olympia Medical Center

Christoher Cannon, Orthopaedic Surgery, Seattle Magazine

Rainier Medical Center

Michael Madwed, Family Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Renton Medical Center

Jordan Chun, Sports Medicine, Seattle Magazine

Silverdale Medical Center

Jenny Wu, Pediatrics, Seattle Magazine

Tacoma Medical Center

Michael Belz, Cardiac Electrophysiology, Seattle Magazine

Rodney Gunn, Optometry, Seattle Met

Andrea Hoopes, Adolescent Medicine, Seattle Met

Judith Johnson, Pediatrics, Seattle Magazine

Christina Kim, Pediatrics, Seattle Magazine

Rosemary Peterson, Cardiovascular, Seattle Magazine

Manujendra Ray, Allergy/Immunology, Seattle Magazine

David Schmidt, Neurology, Seattle Magazine

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