Workforce health tools are built into our coverage

Jul. 09, 2019

Many of the tools you need to create a culture of health within your workplace are all part of the package when you choose Kaiser Permanente health plans. Our plans include workforce health consulting services and toolkits for employers, and a robust selection of wellness services and programs for your employees — at no additional cost. And, because our workforce health tools are all part of our coordinated system, employees who participate in our programs get added support from their Kaiser Permanente physicians.

Kaiser Permanente’s workforce health components include:

Services and tools for employers

  • Experienced workforce health consultants available, depending on the size and needs of your business, at no additional cost. Tell us about your biggest workforce health pain points, and we’ll help you find ways to address them.
  • A 4-step model for designing, implementing, and measuring workplace health programs.
  • Ready-to-implement toolkits for addressing healthy eating, exercise, weight management, healthy meetings, and other wellness topics.
  • Population health management services that bring clinical and financial data together to identify your workforce health risks and measure the outcome of interventions. (Services depend on the size and needs of your group.)
  • Kaiser Permanente On-the-Job®, which provides coordinated, effective care for work-related injuries and illnesses. The program helps your employees return to work — and good health — faster, and often at a lower cost.
  • On-site services that include biometric screenings and health education classes (provided for a fee).

Wellness tools for employees

Please contact your Kaiser Permanente account manager if you’d like more information about our workforce health services.

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